Hello! I’m Jennifer Kane Jones

I can not be more excited to know that you have stopped by to check out some of my work!

Heart Smile Photography

When I started building my business I knew that I wanted a name that spoke about my work. I prayed that God would really bless my business and that he would use my work for his good. I started to look at some of my favorite images over the years and I kept thinking about the ones that brought the emotions out of my pictures. I ran across an image of my grandmother and my son cooking together. I knew at that moment that photography was never a thing to do, It was about the moment. It was about every moment for every family to relieve. It was about the emotion behind every image. My promise to you as a photographer is to capture the images that make your Heart Smile….

Things you should know about me!

I am a Believer! There is not a session or a wedding that I don’t pray for. The moment I step foot in a session or wedding, I have already prayed that God would use me. I can not do this without his help.

I am a Wife! I am married to an amazing man. Who helps me grow every day. Without his love and support and confidence in me, I would not have gotten this far with my photography. He has always believed in me. He has taught me how to believe in myself, and to dream.

I am a Mother! I have the most amazing son, he keeps me alive, and focused. He has taught me so many things. The best thing I have learned from him is how to live in the moment.

I am a friend, Daughter, Sister, Aunt! I have some amazing friends and family. I have been so blessed to have the people in my life that God has given to me. I would not have been as successful without some of the people in my life. I am so grateful for their love and support.

I love my families and children portrait session and wedding photography has truly become my passion. I love every moment of a wedding.

Thank you for visiting our site! Please contact me for any questions that you may have.